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Day 1

Program started around 4 pm today and wrapped up near 10 pm. In between we were introduced to the mentors who will be counseling all of us players (approximately 25 or so players are attending). Interesting to hear their backgrounds as all of them have had success in the business world but in many different areas (international law, consulting, media, start ups, healthcare, etc). I had a great conversation with one of the mentors named Mike about determining where to pursue graduate studies. Probably more interesting to anyone reading this, though, is that another mentor, Gary Gigot, whose name is attached to the entrepreneurialism center here at Notre Dame is a big Packers fan. He attended Notre Dame high school in Green Bay and lived on the same street and at the same time as Vince Lombardi. I've also been thinking about how its fun to be at the preeminent college football campus. The Irish obviously have a unique mystique to their football program, so I feel like I am surrounded by the college version of the Packers. The day started at 5 am today followed by a weightlifting session, a 5+ hour drive to South Bend and 6 hours of class and discussion so I'm pretty beat. Till tomorrow