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Eve of Notre Dame Business Program

Hi everyone, tonight begins my five day journey of blogging about my experiences at the NFL's annual business management and entrepreneurialism program. This year the program is being held at Notre Dame's Mendoza College of business. I am particularly excited about Mendoza being the location for this years program because I have an interest in their MBA program (although I hope my football career postpones any involvement in an MBA program for many years)! I'm sure there will be a lot that I find interesting during these next four days in South Bend, but the subjects I am most looking forward to learning about are: the process of launching a new product/venture, running a foundation/non-profit, and how to decide where to pursue graduate studies. I have a friend and neighbor currently trying to launch a new product, I serve as a board member for a non-profit called Kentucky for Ghana, and as I mentioned previously I have an interest in attending business school when I'm done playing, so these are all very real and current issues to me. My Chevy Malibu and I hit the road in the morning; looking forward to it.